Brothers of the Holy Family

Congregation of Religious Brothers in Philippines

How can I know if I am called by God

 Do you enjoy Good health? The demands made upon one’s physical condition by a religious vocation necessitate good health.

Do you consider yourself gifted with ordinary talents? One must have at least ordinary abilities in order to follow a religious vocation. (Average intelligence, capacity to learn and to teach, fair communication skills, etc.)

Are reasonable independent? If one must care for his parents, for instance, he is not free to enter the religious state.

Do you like to pray? If one is not at least ordinarily devoted to religious practices, he can hardly be fitted for the more than ordinary religious exercises.

Besides these essential qualities, other signs are inherent and dependent upon free will, but inspired by the grace of God as an invitation to follow Him:

1. Are you able to practice sacrifice? That means, the ability to give up lesser but more appealing goods for greater, but more inspired in the Gospel values.

2. Do you have a spirit of zeal? It means that special form of charity that inspires one to the work of apostolate like catechesis, social service, education, youth ministry, etc.

3. Do you practice detachment in a natural way? Detachment is the power that enables a person to be in the world but not of the world, to control the emotions, consumerism, addictions, etc. and to be willing to spend the rest of one’s life celibate.

4. Do you want to become a Religious Brother?